Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Top 5

There was an episode of Friends where Ross and Rachel made a top five list of celebrities that it would be okay to hook up with. I constantly have a revolving lists of celebs, but I think I have a pretty solid five so far. I wouldn't go as far as to laminate my list, but I would go as far as to blog about it. The winners are (in no particluar order)...

Vanessa Hudgens
She's pretty cute, and she's half filipina. She's local and from the press that's come out so far, she might want to get nasty.

Jennifer Love Hewitt
She's probably fallen off of a lot of guys' "to-do" list, but I'm keeping her on mine. She's received a lot of heat lately about getting fat. I don't agree, and I'm cool with her getting a little thicker. She has a great rack and a great personality to match. And she's very local. I've actually seen her in Hollywood, and I think she shops at the Best Buy in Burbank.

Rashida Jones
I think seeing Rashida Jones in her corporate yuppie wear from The Office is pretty hot. She played a really great role in the show. Besides the fact that she is also a model/musician, you may not know that she also graduated from Harvard and practices Hinduism. So not only does she play roles that I think are really cool, but she's also a smart hot girl with musical talent that can probably beat me in any debate or discussion, and sing me songs afterwards as a peace offering.

Kim Kardashian
I mean, let's state the obvious. The booty is glorious. Her hooters aren't bad either. I think she's somewhat local as well. She's made the list, strictly for the booty.
For more info, watch the video of her and Ray J.

Ramiel Malubay
This is the American Idol girl from Season 7. She's Filipina, she's cute, and for the time being, she's local. She sings really well, and I'm a fan of her asymmetrical hair. There's been some news that there are photos of her grabbing her friends' boobs. Who hasn't done that?? Anyways, she sings really well, and she's got a body karate.