Thursday, December 11, 2008

Hot Chocolate

WARNING: This could be a pretty gross entry

A couple of months ago, I brought home a can of whip cream and my roommate asked me what it was for. I replied with "hot chocolate," and she responded with, "what's a hot chocolate?" The interesting is that my roommate and I have a very humorous relationship and she was expecting some kind of explanation similar to a Dirty Sanchez or Cleveland Steamer. But alas, it was literally for hot chocolate. Since then, it's been a running joke for those who have heard the story.

About a week ago, I challenged Andrea to come up with the dirty definition of a hot chocolate. To paraphrase her genius answer, it includes the passing of diarrhea from one butthole to another butthole. Completely grossed out, but incredibly impressed, I was absolutely sure that this could never happen.

A few days ago, I found evidence that it has already happened and is documented online. I will not post the link because it's something that a lot of people shouldn't see, especially those with weak stomachs. But, if you are curious, you may want to do a search for scat.

Net net, gross.